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Security is our priority.
We employ an aggressive cold storage policy on all currencies in our system.


We aim to support a large number of crypto currencies, and provide a stable market for smaller niche currencies.


We will be providing some unique trading opportunities apart from currencies, more information coming soon.


We believe good support is second only to security and endeavour to answer your queries as quickly as possible.

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What is "BELLCOIN"?

BELLCOIN is a pure crypt currency that does not pass through financial institutions or third party institutions, so direct online transactions become possible. This system prevents double transactions in crypt currency, a series of chains not only prove transaction history, but also prevent attacks from the outside of tampering in the past. Anyone can freely participate in. After this We use "BELL COIN"as our main axis and add various majour currencies.


What's is "WB Forex Inc."?

WB Forex Inc. is a financial broker licensed and operating in the Republic of Palau. BellCoin can be used to deposit and withdraw money at WB Forex Inc.


Road Map

May 2019

Start the Cryptocurrency Bank Project
Start issuing Bell Coin Plus

What is "Bell Coin Plus"?
A stable coin issued by Bell Wood.

Bell Coin Listed on the Rokes Commons Exchange

We will continue to work for your simpler and convenient transactions. It will be listed on the Rokes Commons Exchange(https://rokes.exchange/) in August.

Start Bell Coin Plus's Airdrop campaign
Start handling Bell Coin Plus at Hight Low Option

Bell Coin Plus will be put into operation as a transaction currency for various services including High Low Option. We will continue to search for attractive services for our customers without stagnating.

After July 2019

Implement IEO

The most important part of IVFAO is "secure of invester and user". IEO is the suitable platform of a cryptocur- rency exchange. Project side expect to take huge market of cuntries which prohabit IVFAO - exchange side would reduce exchanging fee and expect to get new user. Both sides would have many advantages with this method.

After August 2019

Bell Wood Exchange reopen

October 2019

Listing other Altcoin

November 2019

Listing Bell Coin on leading cryptocurrency exchanges

December 2019

Listing Bell Coin on leading cryptocurrency exchanges

Bell Coin, born on our exchange, will be listed on other leading cryptocurrency exchanges. We will list Bell Coin on two exchanges between November and December.
From now on, more people will know Bell Coin and they will be attracted interest by our coin. For the Bell Wood Exchange, which is growing in scale, we will continue to make updates as desired by our customers.