From April 10, Bell Wood begin to exchange target coins and BellCoin.

Please check the dedicated website for target coins and exchange rates.

After you apply on the dedicated website, we perform the necessary procedures within 3 business days and send you an email with information on the remittance destination.

We remit you a BellCoin as soon as we confirm your remittance.

-Make sure to transfer the same currency as the amount you applied for. If it is less than the application amount, BellCoin will not send money. Also, even if the amount is higher than the application amount, we can not return the surplus remittance currency.

-The fee incurred for the remittance from the customer to us be paid by the customer.

-We are not responsible in any way if you accidentally remit currency to a wallet different from our designate payment destination.

-This service may end without notice.

-The exchange rate for target coins may be changed without notice.